H1N1 and Smoking

H1N1 and smoking is a potentially very dangerous combination. Smoking increases your risk of becoming seriously ill from the influenza virus, H1N1 being one strain of the virus.

As if everything else wasn't more than enough reason to stop smoking, here's yet another more serious one to add to the ever growing list. Smoking increases your risk of developing pneumonia. With the global pandemic of H1N1 (swine flu) reaching record numbers, quitting smoking may be a critical step in helping you reduce your risk of developing a serious illness.

Since smoking damages your lungs, it makes it easier to get a deadly infection like pneumonia. Second-hand smoke also increases your risk for pneumonia. So, you may also be putting your family and friends at risk by continuing to smoke around them.

It is recommended by health professionals that you get the pneumococcal vaccine if you smoke. In fact, smoking just one cigarrette a day doubles your risk of developing pneumonia. Talk to your health care provider about whether this vaccine is indicated for you.

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