Quit Smoking Support Program
Step 2: Preparing to Quit

Step two of the Quit Smoking Support Program is still a planning Helping Hand step, but you're going to get more serious about actually quitting. This is where you are really going to start the process of un-learning cigarette use.

To start this process, it's important to work through the reasons to stop smoking worksheet. This will help you personalize and identify your motivation to quit.

Now that you've clarified your reasons for quitting, it's time to actually set your goal - your quit date . Don't worry, your quit date won't be today, or tomorrow; you still have some work to do to prepare for the actual day.

First you need to start analyzing your smoking behavior and any smoking triggers that you have. This is a VITAL piece in order for you to create a successful plan. Once you've identified all of your smoking triggers, it's time to brainstorm a list of ideas to stop smoking and combine the two sheets to come up with a specific smoking triggers plan.

The last piece of Step Two in the program is preparing for your quit date by disrupting some of the routines and rituals you've built around smoking.

Now it's time to move on to the next step of the program:

Don't worry if you need to work back through

Step 1: Understanding Your Cigarette Use.

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