Setting Your Quit Date

It's time to set your quit date. Before you panic and close your web browser, relax, there's still lots more to do to get ready for your stop day. Besides, you're in control of this quit smoking support program. However, it is important to actually pick a date, and in the not-too-distant future.Look at your calendar for the next few weeks. Look for a relatively low-stress week. Quitting right before or during final exams is probably not the best time, nor when you have a big proposal due at work. You might be thinking that there is no good time to quit. Again, watch the self-sabotaging inner-voice. If you're really struggling with this, remind yourself why you are doing this by reviewing your reasons to quit.


Some people find that setting their stop day on a "special" day really helps them stick to their date and remember their quitting milestones. Are there any low-stress holidays coming up like St. Patrick's Day or Columbus Day? How about a birthday or other special milestone? Do you have a date? It's time to write it down.

I,_________________________________ commit to quit smoking on the

______________ day of _____________ month of ____________ year.

I am going to avoid the following places that may encourage me to smoke until I feel I have adequately learned coping strategies.
  • _____________________________________
  • _____________________________________
  • _____________________________________
Finally, I will review my reasons to quit every_______days.

I understand that it is important for me to make a pledge in writing in order for me to make a strong commitment to becoming and ex-smoker. I will follow and adjust my quitting plan as needed.


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