Starting Your Quit Date Plan

Starting your quit date plan involves doing specific things leading up to your quit date to help make the transition to being an ex-smoker a little easier. Remember, quitting smoking is a process! While some people are able to quit "cold turkey," most people need more of a plan to get them through the process. Your stop day will go more smoothly if you have already begun to make changes to prepare yourself for the day.

You may choose to do some or all of the suggestions below. Tailor the program to fit you, but also be aware of any inside voices trying to sabotage your efforts to quit. Push yourself - change often makes us uncomfortable, but soon being an "ex" will become second nature.

  • Buy cigarettes by the pack only
  • Buy your cigarettes from a different vendor (convenience store, grocery store, etc.)
  • Switch brands of cigarettes
  • Isolate your smoke breaks (at home and work), to one location at each place. Try a different location that you don't normally smoke so you become more aware of your smoking.
  • Keep your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays in one place. This will also help bring awareness to your smoking situations.
  • Stop carrying cigarettes with you - go to your "spot" to get your cigarettes.
  • Delay each cigarette - try doing something else for a bit. Sometimes smoking is just "habit" and you will forget all about that cigarette.
Add your own ideas to change the usual routine that cigarettes have in your day.

In addition to changing your routine around cigarette use, it can be helpful to do some other preparation activities for your quit date.

  • Make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned shortly after your quit date.
  • Plan to get a makeover - this can be your "fresh start" as an ex-smoker.
  • Cut back on coffee or switch to half decaf/half regular.
  • Plan to get your carpets and upholstery cleaned.
  • Get your car detailed to get rid of the cigarette smell.
  • Get any clothes or coats cleaned that you've worn while smoking.

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