Starting the Quit Smoking Support Program

This free quit smoking support program is a four-step process to help you quit smoking for good. Light at the End of the Tunnel I know that most people think that quitting smoking is just a matter of will power. For most of us, it's more than will power and is very difficult to quit smoking without some planning and support. This program was developed to do just that, help you plan so you can quit smoking for good.

For best results, work through each link in the program steps. I've only included the materials that really work to help you quit smoking. Remember, this is about quitting for good so there's no reason to rush (but don't find excuses to delay either!). You should spend at least one week on each section. The program is about a personal journey of reflecting on your smoking behaviors so you can make a successful plan to quit for good.

You should feel good about the decision you are making to quit smoking. You may look back on this as a difficult time but, remember that any discomfort you feel during the quitting process is only temporary and will get better with time.

Before we move on to step one, let's see if you're really ready to quit smoking. We know that to be successful at change, we're better off if it is planned. So, if you found you are in the "Precontemplation" or "Contemplation" stage, evaluate your hesitance and any rationalization thoughts (why cigarettes aren't a problem for you) and denial of cigarettes harming you. This will help you sort out your feelings of wanting to quit AND wanting to continue smoking. If you found yourself in the "Preparation" or "Action" stage, then get a start in Step 1: Understanding Your Cigarette Use. If you are in the "Maintenance" stage and have been cigarette-free for six months or more, then you can skip to Step 4: Staying an Ex, to get additional quit smoking support.

Other steps of the program are:

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