Smoking Habits

You may not even realize how you have developed a routine of Routine Clocksmoking habits throughout your day. You might be surprised at how you've arranged your day around your next cigarette. So that you can better plan for quitting smoking, it's helpful to understand and identify the habits you've developed around smoking.

How long have you been smoking (years/age started)?

Where do you buy your cigarettes?

How many packs or cartons do you buy at a time?

Where do you keep your packs/cartons?

Where do you keep your lighters/matches? Do you have a "special" lighter?

Do you have a particular place and/or time(s) that you smoke?

If so, what's "special" about this place and/or time(s)?

Do you smoke more often by yourself or with people?

Who are the people you smoke with most often?

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