Stop Smoking Inhaler (Nicotrol)

The stop smoking inhaler (Nicotrol) is one of the stop smoking drugs available by prescription only. This medicine contains nicotine and is inhaled to mimic cigarette smoking.

Many people don't understand why you would want to use a nicotine product when trying to quit smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes is extremely addicting. In fact, the tobacco companies have added the perfect concoction of chemicals to be sure that you get the most nicotine absorbed with each puff; ensuring you are addicted. By using a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), like the quit smoking inhaler, you are helping to wean yourself off of the nicotine, the physically addicting component.

This stop smoking medicine consists of a "puff" or inhalation of 4mgs of nicotine. Recommendations are to use between six and 16 cartridges/day for up to six months.Eating and drinking should be avoided for at least 15 minutes prior to use as this reduces the effectiveness and amount of nicotine absorbed. The number of cartridges used is gradually reduced during the last three months of treatment. Always follow the advice and prescribing information of your health care provider.

Problems with the inhaler often relate to irritation of the mouth and throat. Frequency of symptoms usually decline with use. Consult with your doctor if symptoms occur.

Other Precautions:

  • Do not smoke while using the inhaler (or use other nicotine containing products);
  • The safety of using the nicotine inhaler during pregnancy is unproven - consult with your provider);
  • Keep this and all medication out of reach of children and pets.
While this medication can be an effective tool to help you stop smoking, it works best when used as a part of a quit smoking program. For complete prescribing information, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Always consult with your doctor before making any health care decisions.

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