Stop Smoking Help

Establishing a stop smoking help network will aid in your Supporterssuccess in becoming an ex-smoker. There are three primary areas that you will need to enlist help to form your stop smoking help network.

  1. Friends, family, co-workers, and/or social contacts
  2. Your health care provider
  3. Quit smoking support program
By working through this program, you've already taken care of number three so, now let's focus on number one. We all need help and encouragement from others. Especially when tackling an addiction like smoking.

Think about who you want to support you in quitting smoking. Family members and significant others might first come to mind but also think about co-workers, friends or other people that you may spend a significant part of your day with. Brainstorm a list of potential helpers.

Not only can enlisting supporters help give you encouragement, but it can also provide some accountability. Your support person shouldn't make you feel guilty if you slip up but rather provide support to get you back on track. Too often people want to keep their quitting a "secret" in case they relapse so they can avoid "disappointing" people. Don't be afraid of relapse. Right now, you need all the help you can get to tacking this addiction.

Here are some tips on how you helpers can help you. Be sure to be specific when telling them how they can best help you. Also, let them know if they're doing or saying something that isn't helpful.

If you are the support person, here are some tips on ways you can help.

  • Be patient and understanding during the initial withdrawal period. Withdrawal may last several days to several weeks where they may experience severe withdrawal symptoms like irritability, anxiety, and fatique. It takes lots of physical and emotional energy to quit smoking.
  • Try to keep the things as stress-free as possible during the initial withdrawal perios
  • If they experience an urge, remind them that it will pass and that they will become less frequent. "Just one" can undo all of their hard work.
  • Let them know that you're proud of their progress and are confident they will stay an ex-smoker
  • Help them avoid people who smoke initially. If you smoke, smoke at times when you aren't around the person.
  • ASK how you can help
  • Accept that most people are not able to quit successfully on their first try.

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